AR Policy

At the beginning of the year, students take the STAR test to determine their reading level. The AR Renaissance Place software allows students to test on any book for which the company has a test; there are currently more than 130,000 available! (To learn if a test is available for a book you wish to read, simply go to and type the title into AR Bookfinder.) 

Each nine weeks, the library awards readers who meet their AR goals with an AR Dress Down Day and a sweet treat at the Synergy Pep Rally.  This recognition is based on both meeting the AR points goal assigned to the student and the percentage scores (at least 85%) on tests. Furthermore, students who earn 75 or more AR points in a nine weeks will be invited to a Lion Reader party.  

We also recognize Million Word Readers at the Synergy Pep Rally each nine weeks.  These students will receive a sweet treat, as well as a t-shirt, certificate, and recognition at the Awards Day ceremony at the end of the year.