Family  Reading  Safari
Funded by Lafayette Education Foundation & Billeaud Companies

Here’s how this FREE optional program works: With your BMS child or children, choose a book you’ll enjoy reading together.  A list of suggestions is provided for each grade level, but you may choose other titles if so desired. Your child must submit the Safari form (provided in August) to his/her English teacher no later than September 1st .  The BMS library will BUY both participants a copy of the book to read!  You and your child will have approximately 6 weeks to read it together.  Your child will keep one copy, while the other copy will be returned to the library at the end of Safari night.  

After reading the book together, we will celebrate your reading at our main event, the Family Reading Safari, in the cafeteria in early November (date will be provided soon) from 6:00-7:30 P.M. Book discussions, a read aloud, a video, door prizes, refreshments, book swapping, graffiti writing, and goody bags are planned for this student-directed event.  You will even have the opportunity to take an AR test on the book with your child!  

Please join us for this fun opportunity to book a Reading Safari and to bond with your child!